Women Already Get Equal Work For Equal Pay.

by John Hawkins | October 21, 2008 11:04 am

Over at the MailOnline, they are talking about a study that proves what every intellectually honest person who has looked into the issue already knows: that the “pay gap between men and women is not due to discrimination but to their lifestyle choice[1].”

Here are the details,

The pay gap between men and women has nothing to do with discrimination by employers, an influential study said yesterday.

It argued that the difference in salaries between male and female workers came down to ‘individual lifestyle preferences’.

The choice of millions of mothers to put children before careers was the chief reason given for the disparity between men and women that emerged after 30.

…Before then, the difference in salary was generally just 1 per cent in men’s favour.

The report arrives as the issue comes under growing scrutiny.

Politicians and equality campaigners say it is a major scandal, depriving women of earnings that are rightfully theirs.

The difference is usually measured by average hourly earnings, which show men are paid 17.2 per cent more than women.

Margaret Prosser, of the Government’s Equality Commission, said last year that full-time women workers ‘are cheated of :£330,000 over the course of their life’. The Tories have called for legal measures to ‘ensure equal pay’.

But Professor John Shackleton, of the University of East London, said that in reality the pay gap hardly existed for workers under 30.

He said men work longer hours in more dangerous jobs and face a greater risk of being sacked, while women who take career breaks outnumber their male equivalents by more than five to one.

In a paper for the Institute of Economic Affairs, he pointed out that single, widowed or divorced women earn more than their male counterparts, but the pay gap between men and women in families with three children was 19 per cent.

He also argued that female graduates tend to choose subjects such as psychology or education, which lead to lower-earning careers, while few opt for maths or engineering, which are more.

The reality is that women already get “equal work for equal pay.” If people like Hillary Clinton and groups like NOW admitted the truth, there would be less division in our country, but they’d lose a phony grievance they can use for fundraising and political purposes — and they can’t have that.

When lies serve the purposes of liberals better than the truth, there is never any doubt which one they will choose or which one their pals will trumpet to the world through the mainstream media.

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