“I WON’T BE SILENT!” Serena Williams Says She’s TERRIFIED Of Police Brutality Because…

“I WON’T BE SILENT!” Serena Williams Says She’s TERRIFIED Of Police Brutality Because…

Serena Williams has become the latest athlete to speak her mind about racial tensions following the shootings involving black men and police. She poured out her feelings on the racial issues in a Facebook post to her followers.


In the post, the 22-time Grand Slam winner vowed not to be ‘silent’ on the perceived social injustice in the wake of protests against the killings across the country.

She joined the debate on the so-called racist police violence after admitting she became frightened at the sight of a police officer while her 18 year-old nephew was acting as her driver as she worked off her phone.

…Man. It sure would be nice to have a big time athlete vow not to be silent about the hundreds upon hundreds of bodies ‘lining the streets’ in Chicago. What? Not victimy enough? How can I take any of these people seriously about their plight when they can’t even be reasonable and see that not ALL of the people shot and killed are innocent of any wrong doing. Where’s the case by case basis? Does that exist, or does a nation of over 800,000 white, black, Asian, Muslim, etc. automatically label all police racist monsters because a tiny fraction of police in some cases, kill in cold blood?

Although not named in the Facebook post, Williams, 35, is believed to be referring to nephew Jair Price, 18, who frequently travels with her to tournaments.


Dramatic much? Did you get pulled over? Was your nephew shot? No? It sounds like you’re having a heated argument with yourself. Also, you seem to place every case where a black person is shot by a police officer as ‘innocent’. No, Serena. They all were NOT innocent.

…Talk about ‘ignorance’. Painting with such a broad brush…

No one is trying to silence you. Relax. Go on and say your piece, I just don’t think the majority of the world really cares about people’s ‘feelings’ or ‘points of view’.

Facts matter. No narratives.

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