World’s IQ Drops 10 Points: Global Warming Gets Blamed For Delayed Chicago Cubs Game

World’s IQ Drops 10 Points: Global Warming Gets Blamed For Delayed Chicago Cubs Game

The Cubs won the World Series for the first time in something like 100 years (I can’t independently verify, I don’t know the first thing about sports,) but instead of being happy for the team, liberals have decided to rain on their parade.

It’s not that they’re saying that The Cubs didn’t win fair and square, they’re just trying to get in on the popularity of such a historic event, by claiming that the game delay was caused by – wait for it – GLOBAL WARMING!

I’ll give you time to facepalm.


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I haven’t read anything this stupid in quite some time and I’ve been tasked with the unfortunate duty of having to peruse sites like Slate and Mother Jones to see what the people over there are talking about.

At first, I was 99% sure this was a satirical tweet that the Green Party US twitter page sent out to piggy back on the popularity of the “#WorldSeries” hashtag.

I was wrong.

See, the Green Party seriously wants us to believe that yesterday’s game shouldn’t have been delayed because of rain. Rather, they assert – rather obnoxiously – that it should be snowing in Cleveland in November. So of course this means mass hysteria and you have to ride your bike to work, you carbon-emitting heathen!


Apparently just because they’re named the “Green Party” doesn’t mean they actually know anything about the environment. You see, it’s called Climate Change now, so you don’t actually have to be right about anything.

Also, Cleveland isn’t in the Arctic and November isn’t in the winter, so it’s still well within seasonal rights to rain.

Seriously, these people are absolutely ridiculous. Let us know about Global Warming when Cleveland and everything to the east of it is under water, then we might take you seriously. Until then, leave the seasonally-appropriate weather alone.

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