Would YOU be Able to Locate These Banned Items in Luggage? X-rays Show How Difficult it is to Spot

by Greg Campbell | December 22, 2015 4:26 pm

Each and every time I travel, I marvel at how airport security personnel can so quickly scan my carry-on luggage. They give it a quick glance and then I’m off to the gate. It turns out, however, that these TSA employees are pretty talented. Check out what they have to decipher in just a glance:[1]


Getting through airport security is one of the biggest bugbears among travellers, with long queues, grumpy employees and the hassle of fitting liquid items into a tiny plastic bag igniting frequent bursts of anger.

But next time you feel a pang of irritation, spare a thought for the long-suffering employees who have to decipher every item in your bag though an X-ray machine.

The following photos have been provided by Simulscan[3], which is an Italian company that trains officers in X-ray screening.

They have revealed pictures of eight pieces of luggage that each contain a contraband item, including guns, knives and aerosol cans.

The first picture in each pair shows a simple X-ray of luggage, while the second picture has the banned item circled.

Some of the objects are virtually impossible to pick out – would you be able to decipher the contraband?

Click here for more challenging X-rays.[4]

The fact that they can spot these items so quickly is impressive and should indicate to any would-be terrorists that if authorities can spot these hard-to-see items, they should probably keep the shoe-bomb at home.







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