Wounded Female Soldier Does The UNTHINKABLE – Terrorists Messed With Wrong Girl!

Wounded Female Soldier Does The UNTHINKABLE – Terrorists Messed With Wrong Girl!

Israeli Defense Forces Captain Or Ben-Yehuda has been honored for fighting off 23 terrorists after being ambushed. Ben-Yehuda is a female officer. You hear that, safe-space, high voiced, male pansies? A woman has blasted past any sort of ‘male’ trait you possible could have had.


Captain Or Ben-Yehuda of the Israeli Defense Forces has gone down in her country’s history as a legacy that will endure well past her lifetime. The young, decorated IDF Captain was commanding a company of soldiers when they were caught off guard in an ambush by nearly two dozen terrorists near the Egyptian border.

Due to her leadership and fearlessness, she and her men were able to not only survive, but also get a little payback.

Captain Ben-Yehuda was running the Caracal Battalion, whose duty was to patrol near the Israeli / Egyptian border. Three leery vehicles rapidly approached the battalion’s position and Captain Ben-Yehuda along with a driver went to check on them.

As they drew closer to the group in the first vehicle, nearly two dozen armed men opened fire on their position in an ambush attack. Both Captain Ben-Yehuda and her driver were instantly wounded in the burst of gunfire.


Even though she was suffering from a gunshot wound, Captain Ben-Yehuda managed to get a hold of the radio and call for backup, administer first aid to her driver and return several magazines worth of gunfire back at the terrorists.

Ben-Yehuda was given Israel’s highest honor, the Medal of Valor. Now that is awesome. Not every woman out there can see themselves going above and beyond like this Captain did, heck, there’s a ton of men that couldn’t do it and I use the word ‘men’ loosely…seeing how today’s male population seems to have a large influx of effeminate males who love cats, lattes and other silly things. But let’s just say that any woman that can take a few rounds and keep fighting AND administer first-aide to a fallen comrade, my hat’s off to you, ma’am. You know how to kick ass and take names!

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