Wyoming School Reminded Of Constitution And Reverses Private Prayer Ban

by John Binder | December 20, 2015 4:31 am

While liberals at a Wyoming school apparently forgot about the US Constitution and banned prayer in school altogether.

But, turns out, they were quickly reminded[1] by conservatives.


A Wyoming school that told students they couldn’t pray in the cafeteria has lifted the ban after a Christian legal group gave threatened legal action on constitutional grounds.

A small group of students at Platte County School District #1 created a prayer circle in the cafeteria of Glendo High School to pray for their meal on October 15. The students prayed audibly, and it was not part of a regularly scheduled group. Afterward, the students say Principal Stanetta Twiford[3] accosted one of the students and accused the student of forcing their religion on other students.

The principal allegedly said students needed permission to pray and then must go in the hallway or gymnasium if they wanted to talk to God. That way, other students wouldn’t see the prayer. The school argued the students were a captive audience being forced to witness the prayer. The father of two of the students appealed to the principal, who stood firm on the rule.

Wow. It took a little legal threat and immediately liberals back track. What morons.

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