YES! School Authority UPHOLDS Suspension For Teacher Who STOMPED On American Flag

YES! School Authority UPHOLDS Suspension For Teacher Who STOMPED On American Flag


This is exactly why many Americans are afraid to send their kids to public school… because of teachers like this.

Many people are familiar with the Supreme Court case Texas V. Johnson. If you do not remember from your life, you might remember it from the history books. A long story short, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing burning and desecration of the American flag. While it was considered distasteful and offensive, it is an action protected by the First Amendment and therefore legally acceptable.

This is the point a North Carolina teacher was trying to get across to his students one day in class. To emphasize his point he asked his students if any of them had a lighter or a pair of scissors. When none of the students responded, he pulled a flag off of the wall and repeatedly stomped on it before standing on it while teaching.

My personal response is frankly close to outrage. The sacrifices that this flag represents are too sacred to trample upon to prove a point. When I think of the people I personally know who gave the ultimate sacrifice protecting that flag, it is literally painful for me to stomach this disrespect. Every year men and woman receive flags as the only compensation for a loved one’s life. Instead of teaching his students this, he stands on the flag with complete lack of respect.

So, I am one hundred percent behind the suspension of this teacher for his acts. In fact, I feel like he deserves much worse than that. IF I had a say, he would never teach again. He has no right teaching about the nation and its history that he clearly does not respect.


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