YES! WATCH As Florida Gov. Rick Scott SLAMS Obama’s Anti-Gun Reporter! [VIDEO]

by Warner Todd Huston | June 18, 2016 4:48 pm

Florida Governor Rick Scott is sick and tired of the lie-filled, left-wing media trying to warp the terrorist shooting in an Orlando gay nightclub as a “gun, gun, gun” issue and recently, he put a reporter in her place for insisting on pushing her anti-gun agenda.

A reporterette from CNN went to Gov. Scott with Obama’s nonsense that talking to the victims of the terror attack would force one to turn against our Second Amendment and our right to self-protection. But Scott wasn’t having any of it.

Nobody would think that anybody on a terror watch list should have a gun, right? We all can agree that we don’t want somebody who’s going to do something like that to be walking around with any weapons. But the Second Amendment didn’t kill anybody. This is ISIS. This is evil. This is radical Islam.

Gov. Scott went on to recount several cases of terrorism striking the U.S. and properly put the blame on ISIS, not guns.

The halfwitted “reporter,” though, was unmoved and continued to push her anti-Second Amendment agenda saying:

Yes, ISIS, terrorism could be to blame for this, but can you accept any responsibility for the gun laws here in Florida? The fact that it is easier to walk out of a gun store in a half hour with an AR-15 that can kill more people faster than a pistol.

But Scott properly informed her that evil and Islam were at the root here, not the 200-year-old Second Amendment.

Let’s remember, the Second Amendment’s been around for over 200 years, that’s not what killed innocent people. Evil killed innocent people.

There’s going to be a time to have a conversation about what we do to make our state, or city, or country safer yet. But let’s have a conversation about how we destroy ISIS. Where’s that conversation?

Scott is exactly right here!

Naturally, the CNN face just couldn’t understand Scott’s point and continued to hammer on the misdirection that is the “gun, gun, gun” issue.

The media is doing its level best to warp this terror attack into just another liberal agenda[1], folks. Make no mistake.

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