You Don’t Respect What You Don’t Earn

by Melissa Clouthier | July 21, 2009 1:50 pm

In my American Issues Project Column today[1], I talk about President Obama and the Democrats he leads, prods, cajoles, browbeats, and blackmails into submission and their collective disrespect for the American taxpayer:

Have you seen any of those shows that follow up on lottery winners? You know, the ones where the people had been down on their luck, or made repeatedly stupid decisions and then won big by getting lucky? There have also been accounts of people given those Makeover homes, mortgaging them, and then defaulting on the loans. People who come into money without having to work for it tend to respect it less.

It seems that the Democrats lead by President Barack Obama believe that the United States treasury is theirs to loot and misuse. They didn’t earn the money, after all, and have no respect for it.

At this writing, President Obama’s team is withholding[2] the budget deficit numbers[3]:

President Barack Obama’s economic forecasts for long-term growth are too optimistic, many economists warn, a miscalculation that would mean budget deficits will be much higher than the administration is now acknowledging.

And yet, with the budget deficits soaring, the administration spends and spends and wants to spend some more with the biggest entitlement ever: government run health care. Of this the Wall Street Journal[4] editorializes:

We could go on, and we will in coming days. But the most remarkable quality of this health-care exercise is its reckless disregard for economic and fiscal reality. With the economy still far from a healthy recovery, and the federal fisc already nearly $2 trillion in deficit, Democrats want to ram through one of the greatest raids on private income and business in American history. The world is looking on, agog, and wondering why the United States seems intent on jumping off this cliff.

But is it really so strange? It’s the entitlement mentality writ large. People are careless with other people’s money.

Please go read the whole thing. Other good stuff over there, too. Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) writes about Cap-N-Tax killing the Midwest and Rick Moran (Right Wing Nuthouse) writes about the Health Care plan just plain killing you.

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