You’ll Be SHOCKED To See What Almost Kills These Workers After Repeatedly Pounding On the Wall

by Sierra Marlee | December 22, 2014 12:13 am

Driving through store walls is an action usually reserved for drunks on weekend nights. This wasn’t the case on Dec. 18th, however, when a 74 year old woman repeatedly rammed into the wall of a store with her Grand Am.[1]


A 74-year-old woman went on a driving rampage recently, slamming her Grand Am three times into a building.

The woman has been booked on charges of suspicion of driving under the influence,
assault with a deadly weapon and felony destruction of property.

What were her possible motives?

“It’s really weird,” store owner Allen Rowe said. “We won’t know for certain for a while. From what everything we can gather, it doesn’t appear to be malicious, more she was confused or distraught. Seems like a state of confusion.”

You can watch the outrageous video below:

Wow, just wow. That’s bizarre, to say the least. I’m glad nobody got injured during this whole incident. I think it’s time for grandma to have her driving privileges reconsidered.

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