Young Boy Cares for Blind Deer, Helps it Find Food, Stay Safe

by Rachel Alexander | October 4, 2015 2:34 pm

boy-deer[1]This is one of the sweetest, kindest stories you will ever read. A young boy found a blind deer in the neighborhood and decided to take care of it — and the deer gratefully let him.[2]

Blessings reports,

Reddit user “bluecollarclassicist” noticed that for a couple of days a young boy about ten years old was helping a blind deer in the neighborhood. The Redditor wrote that the boy meets the deer every morning before school and guides her from grass patch to grass patch to ensure she’s finding enough to eat and stays out of the roads.

Because a blind deer in a residential neighborhood can be a recipe for disaster, with cars, dogs, rowdy kids, etc., he also notes that his wife called a local wildlife rescue organization after seeing the deer and boy for a few days in a row to ask if there was anything they could do for her.

“They have a vet on staff and will be picking the animal up today to bring her to a forest preserve where she can be looked after and stay out of traffic,” he wrote. And when the rescue group showed up to help her, the entire neighborhood came out to say goodbye. Several other neighbors had been leaving food out for her and making sure she was away from the streets, so it was bittersweet for everyone to see her leave, even if it was for her own good.

What a great relationship for both the boy and the deer. This is the kind of kid who is going to end up making something of himself in the world.

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