Young Father Dies in Ambulance While Anti-Trump Protestors Block Roads

by Just An American | November 15, 2016 12:59 pm

This madness has been out of hand for far too long. Our men and women in blue are out there trying to provide crowd control and keep the streets safe while these raging morons call themselves “peaceful protesters?” Are you kidding me?


‘Peace’ was wrecked by their enraged quitting, selfish, temper tantrum episodes long before Trump even became President. Their so-called ’cause’ went missing in their hatred, long ago.

Now we learn that they also have the blood of a young father on their hands. Whose 4 year-old daughter will grow up without him, because some idiots couldn’t handle ‘hurt feelings’ without terrorizing everyone around them. Whether they know it or not, that blood on their hands will come back to haunt them…if they ever get into the right frame of mind again.


Right now, the kind of terror they choose to commit against their country in their minds is justified. Because…only what they think and want is what matters right now, regardless of who they hurt along the way.

Now we learn that Hillary Clinton supporters took it upon themselves to prevent an ambulance from getting to the hospital in time to save a life. The life of a young father who leaves behind a four year-old girl.

They blocked the streets that provided the safest and fastest route for the ambulance to get their patient to safety. Due to this act of terror, the ambulance had to travel a round about way adding 45 minutes to travel time and before they could reach their destination their patient died.

How is anyone going to be able to explain that to his family? It’s even possible that this family voted Hillary Clinton, no one knows. That’s the thing with these protesters… many of them are out there fighting for a cause they care nothing about. They are just waiting to get paid. Then you have the protesters who are out there just because the chaos attracts them and becoming a part of it is liberating to them…why? Because they love to hate. Period.

Meanwhile…silence from the White House.

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