Young Girl at Fenway Park Gets Foul Ball from Young Boy

Young Girl at Fenway Park Gets Foul Ball from Young Boy

What a sweet little guy. This young man was clearly raised a gentleman by his mama. This is probably the youngest display of chivalry I have ever seen:

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There is no better feeling for a young child than nabbing a baseball at a major league park.

However, this young boy in Boston passed it up and paid it forward in a big way. After Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez’s foul ball found its way into the stands during the bottom of the fourth inning on Friday, the boy immediately handed the ball to the young girl sitting behind him.

It was such a surprising gesture that the girl’s mother couldn’t hide her shock and amazement at the selfless act.

Slick move, kid, you’ve got a bright future.

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Video of the sweet moment:

What a little sweetheart. She will remember his kind act the rest of her life. His mother could not have had a prouder moment than her son’s display of generosity and desire “to make someone happy” We should all try to do these things for others in our lives.



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