Young Soon-To-Be Bride, 27, And Her Boss, Are Killed When His Tesla Crashes…And Turns Into BALL OF FLAME! [VIDEO]

by Sonja Bochow | November 6, 2016 12:51 am


Indianapolis is known for speed. But that speed is meant to stay on the racetrack. In a tragic accident[2] a young woman and her boss have been killed. They were traveling at a high rate of speed around 1 AM on Thursday when apparently the driver, the young woman, Casey Speckman, 27, lost control of the vehicle. The car launched from the roadway and hit a tree, flipping over several times and finally burst into flames. Speckman was pronounced dead at the scene, her boss, 44 year-old Kevin McCarthy was taken to the hospital, but died a short time later. McCarthy, the president of Express Software & Services, was also a former FBI special agent.


The vehicle was a Tesla, known recently for its groundbreaking Autopilot system. Tesla representatives say they do not believe the system was engaged at the time of the crash. Tesla is cooperating with the police investigation. Witnesses describe the scene as horrifying, the car bounced around after hitting the tree, the wheels broke off and it erupted into a fireball.

Ms. Speckman was engaged to be married next year to her college sweetheart. Sadly, that will never happen now.

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