British Student Union Bans the Words “He” and “She”

by Dave Blount | January 3, 2017 1:35 pm

Liberals must have run out of nouns they can pretend are offensive; they have begun banning pronouns:

Sussex University students’ union has released a gender inclusive language policy, which applies to all its meetings, radio broadcasts, communications, societies and elections.

By “inclusive,” they mean exclusive of normal English speech regarding gender.

The policy states that preferred pronouns should be stated at the beginning of every meeting, regardless of whether they have been stated at previous meetings, and that gender neutral language should be used when the pronoun is not known.

The policy continues: ‘In situations where introductions are not appropriate or where an individual has not directly stated their pronouns, gender-neutral language should be used to refer to them, and no assumptions should be made based on presentation or appearance.

‘The gender-neutral pronoun ‘they’ should be used as opposed to ‘he’ or ‘she’, and the pronoun ‘them’ as opposed to ‘him’ or ‘her’.

What if someone disobeys?

Anyone who suffers persistent misgendering is told to report their concerns to the elected officers, who will have gender inclusivity training as part of their role.

“Misgendering” occurs when someone is referred to by their actual gender even though they “identify” with the other gender.

If only they would bring back public flogging. It had to be less degrading and humiliating than “inclusivity training.”

If the insanity progresses much farther, progressives will move on from pronouns and start banning letters from the alphabet.

Hat tips: Liberty Daily, Legal Insurrection. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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