Franklin Graham nails Obama with one question many people were thinking!

Franklin Graham nails Obama with one question many people were thinking!

I have always deeply admired Franklin Graham. I was very disappointed when he did not come out in full support of Ted Cruz. Nevertheless, he’s absolutely right about Obama and his transgender bathroom edict. It’s evil. Obama is not a Sultan or a King… he does not have a right to bully or extort public schools into bowing to the gay agenda. But that is exactly what he is doing and getting away with. No less than 13 states are now standing against Obama and his gay tyranny. They are led by the great state of Texas where Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick and Senator Ted Cruz are in unison telling Obama to stuff his mandate. They will not comply and neither should any other state, city, district, school, school board or parent.

Franklin Graham

From Independent Journal:

President Obama’s Friday morning call for a gender-neutral policy in public school bathrooms and locker rooms has triggered a wide variety of responses from various sources. Officials in at least six states havethreatened to defy the guidance.

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And Christian pastor Franklin Graham minced no words when he penned his response via Facebook:

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Obama is threatening schools with law suits and the withholding of federal funding. Bring it. Schools technically should not be taking federal funding to begin with. It should be a states’ issue, not a federal one. Privatize the damn schools and go to vouchers. Break the stranglehold by these godless feds and take a stand for our kids. Obama has sanctioned nationwide perversion and has endangered all of our children and families with this. All for a political agenda… one where he does not give a flying fig for Americans in general, only for a Progressive legacy. The man is acting as a dictator. America needs to reject this and put a stop to it. Unfortunately, it will be pushed forward by either Clinton or Trump, so we will have to fight in the trenches now state by state and it may very well come to blows. Americans owe it to themselves, their faith and their families to defy this decree.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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