Kids in a Chicago school may be horrified by their new bathroom policy [VIDEO]

Kids in a Chicago school may be horrified by their new bathroom policy [VIDEO]

Chicago Public Schools are now mandating that restrooms, locker rooms and showers be open to ‘gender fluid’ individuals. If you thought crime was bad there before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I would recommend that if you have children in that school system, you get them out of there and fast. Boys now have the right to go into a bathroom and watch a girl as she relieves herself or undresses. They can shower with the girls and change clothes in their locker rooms. Kids are self-conscious as it is… what do you think this will do to them? This is the gay mafia at work, promoting and forwarding their agenda. They have succeeded in Chicago.


From Restoring Liberty:

Chicago Public Schools announced on Monday that students and staff must be granted unfettered access to intimate school facilities based on their chosen gender identity.

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Put concretely, boys now have the “right” to undress in the girls’ locker room before gym class so long as they say they would feel more comfortable doing so. Kids and teens have many things to worry about as they grow into adulthood and get an education. But having to deal with people of the opposite sex in their bathrooms and showers shouldn’t be one of them.

This latest front in the bathroom wars proves that same-sex marriage was merely the start, not end, of the left’s LGBT agenda. As demonstrated by enforcement actions by the Department of Justice, private lawsuits, and court decisions, the radical left is using government power to coerce children into pledging allegiance to a radical new gender ideology over and above their right to privacy, safety, and religious freedom.

As Joe Miller succinctly put it… here’s how it works. First, leftists tried to elevate sexual orientation and gender identity to a special protected status under the law, but failed repeatedly using the democratic process. Undaunted, the administration turned to lawmaking-by-rulemaking. Specifically, President Barack Obama’s Departments of Justice and Education issued diktats reinterpreting Title IX’s ban on sex discrimination in federally funded education programs to mean “gender identity discrimination.” Now, you can be whatever gender you feel like on a given day, which opens the door wide to voyeurs, perverts, predators, rapists, pedophiles and stalkers. If the Chicago school system had not complied, their federal funding would have been withheld. It’s extortion, plain and simple. Chicago Public Schools cites Title IX and sexual harassment policies to justify its new policies. This is being forced on our children and it is abhorrent, immoral and criminal.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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