Man Who Regrets His Transgender Surgery Sends Warning To Bruce Jenner [VIDEO]

by Margaret M. | August 25, 2017 11:43 am


Walt Heyer was born male and lived eight years as a female after having what he now calls “mutilation” surgery and now wants to warn everyone considering the procedure and the whole world that the “transgender scheme is a fantasy.”

In The Daily Signal, Heyer says that his surgery was performed by Dr. Stanley Biber in Trinidad, Colorado. South Park fans will recognize the name, because a spoof version of Dr. Biber appeared in a 2005 episode of the show[2] where he performs surgeries on characters turning one into a transgender woman, another into a black teenager and yet another into a dolphin. Heyer tells us about what happened years after his surgery:

…I came to the realization that I wanted to go back to living as a man. To legally change my gender back to male, I needed to file a petition with the California Superior Court that verified I met certain criteria. (The process has since changed.)

My surgeon wrote a letter to the court stating that I met the medical criteria for the courts to legally change my birth certificate back to male. The very surgeon who earlier said that hormones and surgery had changed me to female, now admitted that it did not[3].

In the letter, he testified that the surgery and cross-gender hormones had the effect of neutering my external appearance and genitalia, but my internal biological structure and my genetics were still male.

And now, Walt Heyer is telling us that the surgery ruined his life. Heyer speaks of another transgender surgery survivor, Rene Jax, who says in his 2016 book, “Don’t Get On The Plane!” that:

“Sex change surgery will ruin your life.” Heyer adds, “Both of us came away with the same conclusions: gender change surgery was a destructive body mutilation and a waste of time and money; after the medically-certified gender change, life didn’t improve; gender dysphoria, that feeling of unease with one’s gender, persisted, and was not relieved as promised.”

Heyer goes on to give a warning in this 3:41 video to Caitlyn Jenner, filmed with Dr. Drew Pinsky. You can watch it here, now:

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