MAN STANDS NAKED in a GIRL’S LOCKER ROOM at a High School. No Problem. [VIDEO]

MAN STANDS NAKED in a GIRL’S LOCKER ROOM at a High School. No Problem. [VIDEO]

This happened in California. Color me exceedingly unsurprised. This is what Obama has wrought with his transgender insanity. A Middle Eastern man (feel free to draw your own conclusions here) waltzed into the girl’s locker room of Moorpark High School and stripped naked. They haven’t caught the guy, but even if they did… what could they do? All he has to do is say, “I feel like a girl today” and he will be absolved of any wrongdoing. This guy has done this twice and they are saying they need stricter security after school, but again, what good would that do with the new law in place? I mean, we are talking leftist, radical, fruit loop, granola California here. Just another day in the devolvement of the Golden State.



CALIFORNIA:  A man described as a Hispanic or Middle Eastern, approximately 18 to 25 years of age, with dark-colored hair and a beard has walked into the girls locker room at Moorpark High School and exposed himself in the girls’ locker room on at least two occasions.

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The man entered the locker room, took off his clothes and just stood at the back of the room, according to a news release from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

The man did not attempt to make any physical contact with the girls, who immediately fled the locker room as soon as they saw him, the release stated.

Video of the man walking away from the girls’ locker room was caught by a security camera on May 11, according to investigators. A second image was captured the next day as the man walked across campus holding a drink.

They are listing the action as: Indecent Exposure / Child Annoying. Annoying? Right. And sexual assault is an inconvenience probably. This guy stripped naked and stood at the back of the room giving the girls the full Monty. It takes sex ed to whole new level. Next on the schedule, Islamic grooming of girls. Not kidding. The girls got grossed out and were terrified. They fled the minute that got a gander of the pervert. They’ll be trying to erase that image from their minds the rest of their lives I bet. He didn’t try and touch any of them… that’s a coming attraction I’m sure. Since the guy is a non-student and an adult, they should be able to nail him on this. The question is… will they? They got him bright as day on cameras twice, as well as his car. I guess we’ll see.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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