Moonbat Model Family

by Dave Blount | August 15, 2017 11:59 am

Congratulations to the media on finding the perfect model family to encourage us to emulate. From the land we once called Great Britain:

They are raising four-year-old Star Cloud as a ‘person’ and are telling him to ‘not get hung up’ on being a boy.

Parents Nikki and Louise Draven say they are ‘just ordinary’ and are being ‘who they want to be’.

Star calls Louise, 31, his mummy, but she [sic] is in fact his biological father and is transitioning to become a woman with hormone treatment.

His mother Nikki really is a woman. But…

Nikki will dress as a woman on some days and will dress as a man on others.

Nikki used to work as a pub bouncer. She proudly reports that pink is one of her son’s favorite colors, and that he “loves Barbie dolls, dressing up and fairies.”

Don’t waste your time calling Child Protective Services. This is the sort of environment the authorities want children raised in.

What liberal social engineers want a family to look like.

On a tip from Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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