OUTRAGE After 3rd Graders Forced To Read About THIS In Class [VIDEO]

OUTRAGE After 3rd Graders Forced To Read About THIS In Class [VIDEO]

When did America morph into Sodom and Gomorrah? This is sick. Third Graders in Michigan are now being forced to learn about transgenders and how it is an acceptable alternative lifestyle. The children are reading “Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress.” It’s about a little boy who wants to wear a dress the color of a tiger and his mother’s hair. He wants to wear heels and nail polish as well. He convinces the other children that he’s normal… that he just looks different than they do and it’s all okay. The book is supposedly to educate and promote tolerance while discouraging bullying. What it really does is push a political agenda for gays and transgenders to little kids. It promotes sex, gender identity and immorality to little freaking kids.


From Louder with Crowder:

Everyone’s been making a big stink out of LGBT inclusion. It’s weird, considering there are more people with lupus in this country than there are gays and trannies combined. They’re more relevant based on numbers alone. Still, we don’t see the auto-immune-disease-afflicted plastered all over the media. But maybe if they dabbled in cross-dressing…

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Speaking of cross-dressing, a Michigan school has been incorporating LGBT awareness into its curriculum. They’re doing so via a book about a “boy in drag dress.” Apparently it’s a big issue for third graders. As in 8/9-year-olds.

“Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress” is a children’s book about a young boy who likes to wear a dress to school. He also wears high heels and fingernail polish. Morris finds himself isolated and ridiculed but eventually convinces his classmates that he is just a boy who happens to like to wear a dress the color of a tiger and his mother’s hair and they eventually accept him. The story aims to encourage acceptance and discourage bullying.

“The book was chosen after some students kept raising questions about some people dressed differently,” [Superintendent] Bekhm said.

One concerned parent stated the obvious, “If any of those kids weren’t thinking about wearing dresses, now they are.” I’m sure parents weren’t asked for permission before this agenda was inflicted on their little ones. I’ll say it again… get your kids out of the public school system. Put them in private schools if you can or homeschool them… whatever it takes. I don’t even want my children and grandchildren forced to have sex education, much less gay education. Whatever happened to the three R’s? I thought school was for learning and not indoctrination. Silly me.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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