School Forces Student to Stop Switching Genders Back and Forth

by Dave Blount | June 1, 2017 3:06 pm

If you are whatever gender you say you are, why shouldn’t you be able to change back and forth whenever you want? Then you can use whichever bathroom you come to first. Yet narrow-minded educrats have inflicted oppression upon a teen of sacred transgenderness:

Administrators at a Long Island high school forced a student to sign a contract barring her from changing her gender identity because she had switched it twice already, sources told The Post.

Gripes the victim,

“A student should feel safe to figure their identity out no matter how many times they change who they are.”

It is hard enough for teenagers to figure out who they are without encouraging them to doubt the unalterable biological facts of their existence by indulging them in twisted transsexual lunacy.

Why not just say enough of this sick crap?

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