A Small Step Forward! Obama Transgender Bathroom Directive Blocked Nationwide

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 21, 2016 2:55 pm

Well, this is certainly much needed good news[1]. Obama’s transgender edict has been quashed. A federal judge has ruled once and for all that a preliminary injunction against the Obama directive governing transgender access to public school restrooms applies nationwide – it’s been blocked. So, no more forcing girls to accept boys in the bathroom… that’s one for parents out there and none for the pervert in the White House.

We’re not out of the bathroom woods just yet. There’s one question that remains unanswered and the judge asked for a legal briefing on the issue. It has to do with the application of Title VII investigations having to do with workplaces where school teachers or staff use the same intimate facilities as the students. I guess we’ll see on that point.

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images[2]

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

From Breitbart:

A federal judge has ruled that a preliminary injunction against the Obama directive governing transgender access to public school restrooms applies nationwide.

As reported[3] by Breitbart Texas, the injunction was issued on August 21. On September 16, the federal government filed a Motion for Clarification.

The judge issued the order on October 19 after the Court conducted a hearing on September 30 to clarify the Court’s preliminary injunction in the case. One of the questions posed to the Court, was the geographic scope of the Court’s preliminary injunction.

The injunction blocks the federal government from, in the words of the Office of the Texas Attorney General, “using the guidelines, or asserting that the guidelines carry any weight.” The Court also stated that the “injunction is limited to the issue of access to intimate facilities.” It applies throughout the country.

This fight has been going on for some time now, with the majority of Americans on one side and leftists on the other who want someone to be able to decide on what gender they feel like that day and use the corresponding restroom. It left things wide open for sexual predators and put women and especially children at risk. In fact, those crimes skyrocketed after Obama put for his ‘transgender’ edict into action.

The Texas Attorney General sued the US Department of Education, the US Department of Justice and other federal agencies and officials for commanding that Texas public schools open restrooms and locker rooms to both sexes. These schools were told their federal funding would be yanked if they did not comply. Texas told them to stuff it.

I especially love what Attorney General Paxton said right after the most recent favorable ruling for the Texas-led coalition:

“I am proud to lead a coalition of 13 states against the Obama Administration’s latest illegal federal overreach. The court’s reaffirmation of a nationwide injunction should send a clear message to the president that Texas won’t sit idly by as he continues to ignore the Constitution. The president cannot rewrite the laws enacted by the elected representatives of the people and then threaten to take away funding from schools to force them to fall in line.”

Looks like Texans win again. That’s okay – I hear there’s still gender-fluid potties in the White House. They can always go there.

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