Transgender Day Camp Now Attended By Children As Young As 4 Years-Old

Transgender Day Camp Now Attended By Children As Young As 4 Years-Old

The world has literally slid into the abyss. In California (no surprise there), they now have day camps for children as young as four years-old. They do a lot of the same things that other kids do at day camp… they just do it as a gender they aren’t. I think this is perverted, sick and twisted. It’s child abuse. This camp is in El Cerrito, which is in the San Francisco Bay area. They cater to transgender and gender fluid children, ages four to 12. It’s one of the only camps of its kind in the world open to preschoolers. Thank God for that.

Enrollment has tripled since 2015, if you can believe it. Approximately 60 children attend the camp. And tell me that this isn’t nuts in the extreme… at check-in each day, campers make a name tag with their pronoun of choice. Some opt for “she” or “he.” Others go for a combination of “she/he,” or “they” or no pronoun at all. Some change their name or pronouns daily, to see what feels right. You are what you are when you are born. This type of environment spreads and encourages mental illness in children. It should not be allowed.

From Breitbart:

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EL CERRITO, Calif. (AP) — In some ways, California’s Rainbow Day Camp is very conventional, with kids making friendship bracelets, playing basketball and singing songs. But in other ways, it’s extraordinary unique.

The day camp in El Cerrito, in the San Francisco Bay Area, caters to transgender and “gender fluid’ children, ages 4 to 12. Experts say it’s one of the only camps of its kind in the world open to preschoolers.

Rainbow officials say the camp gives kids a safe, fun place to be themselves. The camp’s enrollment has tripled since it opened in 2015, and plans are underway to open a branch next summer in Colorado.

Gender experts say Rainbow’s rapid growth reflects what they’re seeing in gender clinics around the country: an increasing number of kids coming out as transgender at young ages.

Other camps like this one are getting ready to open up across the country. Plans are underway to open a branch next summer in Colorado and the camp has been contacted by parents and organizations in Atlanta, Seattle, Louisiana and elsewhere by those interested in setting up similar programs. Gender dysphoria is exploding all over the US. Let me tell you something… this has to be the parents and the schools. You didn’t see this when I was a kid. It’s totally abnormal.

And there are a lot of doctors pushing this practice as well. They should be disbarred. The day camp has therapists and counselors on hand for these little kids… many are transgender themselves. I’m sorry… this is just so very, very wrong. Regardless of what is acceptable here, in my world this is freakish and evil. Sorry, but that’s the way I see it. I think these children are being destroyed by these people for life.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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