Transgender Loony Robs Bank so as to Be Taken Home to Jail

Prison is not the worst place to be for some, including a transgender freakazoid who calls himself Linda Thompson:

The 59-year-old transgender woman [i.e., psychosexually disturbed man] on Wednesday pleaded guilty to a robbery charge after police say [he] pulled off a bank heist in Wyoming just so [he] could return to prison.

Thompson told a district court judge in Cheyenne that going back behind bars would be like going home. …

The 59-year-old was arrested July 27 after a US Bank branch in Cheyenne was robbed by a [faux] woman who tossed the money into the air outside and offered some to passers-by.

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Thompson then sat down and waited for police to arrive and arrest [him].

Thompson was in prison in Oregon on another robbery conviction until they released him over his objections in June. He has spent 18 years incarcerated on 7 separate convictions.

Thompson told a judge Wednesday [he] wanted to be sentenced to as much time as possible.

He could get up to 20 years.

The Oregonian reported Monday that Thompson was featured in a 2011 film called Cruel and Unusual that documents the lives of transgender inmates.

In the documentary, Thompson says that [he] cut off [his] testicles with a razor blade while in an Idaho prison.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as the saying goes.

Presumably Thompson manages to get himself assigned to women’s prisons, or he would not be so eager to return.

Linda Thompson
Linda Thompson, inspiring transgender role model.

On a tip from Steve A. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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