Will Texas Pass A Gender Confused “Bathroom Bill”?

by William Teach | January 2, 2017 9:12 am


Liberal activists and the UK Guardian are Very Concerned about this, since they believe it is better to allow gender confused men who feel they’re women into locker rooms, bathrooms, and changing rooms with women, invading the female’s privacy and peace

Texas looks set to follow North Carolina with push for ‘bathroom bill’[2]

The passage of a “bathroom bill” last March sparked a maelstrom with severe political, economic and cultural consequences for North Carolina that continued through the end of 2016. Yet Texas is poised to propose a similar law in 2017.

In November, one of the state’s most senior politicians published his top 10 priorities for the next legislative session. A “Women’s Privacy Act” was at number six, right after banning immigration “sanctuary cities” and insisting on photo ID at the ballot box.

The act, said lieutenant governor Dan Patrick, is necessary so that “women and girls” can have “privacy and safety in their restrooms, showers and locker rooms”. (snip)

Patrick hasn’t released his own proposed bill, but has said it would allow businesses to create their own bathroom policies.

Oh, no! Create their own policies! How horrible! In Liberal World, only Government is allowed to set policy. That’s how it is supposed to be! Government is Government! The private sector is here to serve Government.

Can we place this in the fake news category? Because this is all Things That Haven’t Happened. But, it should happen. Democrats talk about how important women are, but, again, we see them placed lower on the rungs, below Islamic radicalism and fake women

Despite the demonstrable negative consequences in states that have passed laws that undermine LGBTQ equality, the coming months will indicate whether the ascent of Donald Trump to the White House is emboldening religious conservatives to press for more such bills after a series of gains for gay and transgender people at the federal level under the Obama administration.

They do have equality. Men go to the men’s room, women go to the women’s room.  Men compete on male teams, women compete on female teams. The interesting thing here is if they’d stop making such a big deal of it, if they’d stop trying to force compliance, there would be less pushback. They’re harming their own cause. Of course, it’s still a really bad idea to allow men who think they’re women in the bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms with young girls. But, they refuse to accept accommodations, they demand compliance.

But, Liberals really do not care about women, when it comes to it. They care about fringe interest groups, and women’s rights and privacy can go to hell in their world of perversion.

The rest of the article is about as wacky and unhinged as you’d expect, as it delves into religious freedom.

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