BREAKING: It’s Been CONFIRMED – Trump Was RIGHT On Surveillance!

BREAKING: It’s Been CONFIRMED – Trump Was RIGHT On Surveillance!

As word is getting out that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) gave a press conference where he confirmed to reporters that yes, Trump’s transition team and possibly Donald Trump himself had been under surveillance since the November election, it’s high time to get ready for the left-wing press to ignore the story or twist it until it’s unrecognizable.

The one person guaranteed to keep on this story will be President Trump himself, courtesy of his Twitter account.

Of course, this story will not be buried on this site and we are happy to remind our left-wing friends of these recent tweets by Donald Trump that kickstarted interest in his privacy with the following:

The major shocking claim that Trump brings up here, which Nunes was not able to divulge earlier today, was that the surveillance had been undertaken with Obama’s blessing. But, since the surveillance occurred after the election up until Trump’s inauguration, it’s not too wild to believe that since the Obama administration conducted the eavesdropping, that perhaps Barack himself was responsible for ordering it.

As we reported earlier, Nunes will be speaking to the CIA, FBI and NSA in his search for more information before Friday, and went on to say that he would be speaking with Trump on Wednesday – that’s today, March 22nd – to brief him on everything he had learned.

Trump continued his tweetstorm earlier this month about the surveillance and his concerns were as good then as they are now. Let’s hope that the journalists attending Sean Spicer’s next press conference ask these exact questions!

Of all of these, I’m most interested in hearing who exactly ordered the “wire tapping” and whether it only started after November 8 2016 or if surveillance occurred before the election. They must have known Hillary was going to lose if the previous Obama administration had been willing to go to such lengths as to tap the phones of a candidate.

Trump was right in his suspicion that he (and his team) were being unfairly monitored. Now we only have to wait a few more days to hear if he was right about anything else.

Don’t expect to hear much about this on CNN, of course.

h/t The Federalist Papers

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