JUST IN: President Trump Rolls Back Obama’s Messy Birth Control Mandate – IT’S FIRED! [VIDEO]

JUST IN: President Trump Rolls Back Obama’s Messy Birth Control Mandate – IT’S FIRED! [VIDEO]

Today the Trump administration has announced that they will make major changes to the way that insurance covers birth control.

Now, employers who find that providing birth control coverage conflicts with their religious or moral beliefs are now exempt from doing so. This overturns an Obama era rule that would force employers to provide birth control in their health plans even if they believed birth control to be on par with abortion. Some birth control methods like the Pill do not necessarily prevent fertilization of an egg, but rather just affects the uterine lining, preventing a fertilized egg (aka a baby) from implanting.

Last year, the Little Sisters of the Poor were in a predicament. Their case was going to head to the Supreme Court, but the sudden death of the conservative Antonin Scalia on the bench threw their future into question. The Obama Administration was making it difficult for the Catholic nuns, who were being forced to pay for birth control and contraception under ObamaCare. Teachings on abortion make it difficult for Catholics, whose money must not support abortions. So when both your tax dollars and your healthcare dollars go to support birth control and abortion, it creates a real issue for Catholics who do not want to be forced to commit a sin simply by settling things with their government.

While the Little Sisters and 37 other religious groups had to toil through the courts, several large companies were quietly exempted from these rules by Obama’s government, including ExxonMobil, Chevron, Visa, PepsiCo and the American Military.

And now, with the change in the mandate, the lawyer for the Little Sisters said, “This appears to be a common-sense, balanced rule and a great step forward for religious liberty.” The Sisters still need to finish up in court, but it “should be easy now that the government admits it broke the law.” That means they probably won’t have to pay the $75 million in fines which they were first threatened with for their noncompliance.

Twitter blew up over the idea that people should be forced to pay for their own birth control. They’re not quite at the point yet where they want to think about the teeny possibility that maybe the Pill isn’t as wonderful as it’s cracked up to be.

And the right-wingers hit right back:

And finally, here’s a video from the Daily Signal last year showing that the Sisters were having “Nun of it.”

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