Trump On WARPATH After Learning What Sessions Did With Obama And Hillary

by Margaret M. | November 21, 2017 12:59 pm


In the last few days, the FBI informant who was covering the Uranium One deal, where the Clintons allegedly allowed Russian money to interfere with Obama’s decision to allow the sale of uranium after the Clintons received large sums of cash, has now been allowed to speak publicly. As well, we now know that his name is William Campbell and he is only now speaking up after being gagged when he originally wanted to speak to Congress in 2010 when the deal was finalized, but was prevented from doing so by the FBI. Campbell now says that he has “damning evidence” against the Clintons and the Obamas, and it looks like the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions has been snoozing through the whole scandal.

Last week, Sessions gave testimony suggesting that “the case in which Mr. Mikerin was convicted was not connected to the CFIUS problem that occurred two to three years before.” Vadim Mikerin was a Russian official who was sentenced to four years of prison for conspiracy to commit a money laundry offense in connection with the Uranium One deal and he was also forced to hand over two million dollars connected to the deal. The CFIUS is the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States and was also part of the investigation by the FBI informant.

So, Sessions ignored any possible connections, despite new evidence proving that the FBI has been covering up bribery and kickbacks since 2009, one full year before the CFIUS approved the Uranium deal.

Earlier this month, Trump gave a short run down on Jeff Sessions’ current priorities to the press before he boarded for his flight to Pearl Harbor and on to the Asian Pacific countries. He said before that he wasn’t happy with Sessions and that he should be “looking at the Democrats”[2] when it comes to investigating major crimes.

Trump has been pushing Sessions to investigate the Clintons and he hasn’t. Trump has also been pushing Sessions to go after the deleted e-mails and the Podestas, but he hasn’t. Weeks ago, Trump said that it’s sad, because despite being President, he’s “not supposed to be involved in the Justice Department” or the FBI, but they keep ignoring major activity like the Uranium One deal.


Jeff Sessions, in the Before Time

Back in August, Trump was on Sessions’ tail for going after the odd “slush fund” held by the Department of Justice, which was supposed to have been fully torn down in June. A memo asking for more information on the total number of payments made from the slush fund had not been fulfilled and while Sessions successfully stopped payments through the fund,[4] memos from July asking for DOJ agents to look through the records are still only slowly coming in.

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