Do Liberals Show Anti-Trumpism Reflexively? Yes

Do Liberals Show Anti-Trumpism Reflexively? Yes

If these college snowflakes are any indication of the rest of Democrat voters, then the opposition, the #Resistance, if you will, is simply Trump Derangement Syndrome

From the article

Throughout the year, Campus Reform has shown how liberal professors and students across America have been quick to oppose the President’s actions—often without understanding important details about them.

Hoping to tease out whether such reflexive opposition to Trump is based on policy disagreements or simply distaste for Trump himself, Campus Reform headed to George Mason University to ask students their opinions about the first 100 days.

Except, the “Trump accomplishments” we referenced were actually all things President Obama had done during his first 100 days in office.

Would they agree with the actions because they were actually liberal policies enacted by President Obama, or would they shoot them down because of their perceived association with Donald Trump?.

You can guess what happened, right?

When disguised as something Donald Trump did, for instance, what did students think of President Obama’s “Apology Tour?”

Why, that’s “dangerous” and “overstepping his bounds,” they cried.

What about Obama’s stimulus package?

When credited to Trump, they found the idea reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

And President Obama’s order to loosen statute of limitation laws to make lawsuits easier?

That’s just a secret ploy to make Trump more money.

Remember, we’ve been told time and time again from Democratic Party voters that they are the Most Informed People, and all you Republicans are just stupid. Yet, this kind of thing crops up again and again. Remember the video of Obama supporters hating his policies when assigned to Romney? There’s more out there from 2012. This happened during the 2008 election, too, where Palin and McCain were blasted for the policies and sayings of Obama and Biden.

Watch the video at Campus Reform.

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