Suddenly, Trump Reading From A Teleprompter Is A Bad Thing

Suddenly, Trump Reading From A Teleprompter Is A Bad Thing


For eight years, we were treated to the Greatest Orator Ever!!!!! speaking from a teleprompter. Conservatives even came up with a name for Obama’s teleprompter: TOTUS. Teleprompter Of The United States. And discussed TOTUS as if it were alive. There were lots of jokes about this, most in jest, some nasty. Because, when it came down to it, Obama was barely able to speak in Adult without TOTUS.

Now, let’s be honest: for all the jokes about Obama speaking with TOTUS, the man gave great speeches using TOTUS. No one on the right really thinks poorly of Obama for using teleprompters to give speeches, because so many politicians do, at least on longer ones. But, get this

From the screed by Andrew Rosenthal (via Twitchy)

First as a candidate, and now as president, Donald Trump has drawn fire for promising the moon and stars without giving the slightest hint of how he intended to obtain them. In fact, as Tuesday night’s speech to Congress demonstrated so clearly, the president is actually a master of the art of diminished expectations.

On Tuesday night, we are told, he looked sober and presidential, when all he actually did was read a speech from a Teleprompter without veering off into one of his incoherent rants. It’s hard to believe that even the ill-disciplined and narcissistic Trump would have stood in the well of the House of Representatives and tried to lead a chant of “lock her up” or slapped journalists with the “enemy of the people” label that has been a favorite of dictators for more than a century.

That’s right, Trump is being slammed for just reading a speech from a Teleprompter. If you want incoherence, how about Obama unable to make his remarks because the teleprompter wasn’t programed? He was handed the speech, and still didn’t give it.

We’ve already had the media whining about Trump playing golf, something they never bothered with when Obama was in office. Now, the teleprompter. I can’t wait to see what other hypocrisy they drop on us.

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