“Eat Shit and Die, ‘Blue Commie Texan’”

I can’t recommend Melanie Phillips’ new book enough: The World Turned Upside Down: The Global Battle over God, Truth, and Power. Those of us on the side of right are endlessly smacking down the upside-down destroyers of America. Phillips writes that the radical left possesses an “infallible” sense of certainty through which no amount of reason or evidence can penetrate. “It is hard to overstate the influence on our culture that is wielded by the doctrines of anti-imperialism, multiculturalism, feminism, environmentalism and the like.” These are the foundations of the left’s bankrupt “unchallengeable orthodoxy.”

I mention this with reference to yesterday’s beauty of a post, “Blue Texan at Firedoglake Trashes Right-Bloggers for Criticizing Senate Majority Cyclops Robert C. Byrd.” It turns out that “Blue Texan” runs the asinine “Instaputz” blog, whose mission is in “Systematically documenting the putziness of Glenn Reynolds, Pajamas Media, and various other Putzen.”


I guess it takes a putz to know one, given this case of classic upside-down leftist infallibility. Check the post. Blue Texan suggests I’m not very bright and then offers this epic-fail excuse of racist hypocrisy on the late KKK Senate Majority Leader: “Byrd renounced his past racism, and became a true champion for civil rights. Lott’s voting record on civil rights sucks, and he’s never renounced his ties to the CCC.”

I’m tempted to dismiss Blue Texan as stupid, but that’d be getting off too easy. Blue Texan’s in fact a morally decrepit liar. There was no Trent Lott renunciation of CCC? Well, yes there was, actually: “Lott Renounces White ‘Racialist’ Group He Praised in 1992.” (This is what leftists do: lie and then lie some more as part of the never-ending campaign of death, denial, and destruction.)

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And don’t forget, Robert C. Byrd, that “true champion of civil rights,” actually continued to slur “niggers” as recently as 2001. And let’s remember, Blue Texan’s Firedoglake patron never really did renounce her racist bona fides:

So let’s sum up: Obviously, Blue Texan’s one sick lying motherf***ing hypocrite.

And while I suggested yesterday that “words fail” with the deceit and depravity of Firegdoglake, Mike at Cold Fury disagreed:

Not me, they don’t. Eat shit and die, “Blue Commie Texan.” Everything you toss at us, we toss back from here on in. Don’t like it? I hate it for ya, you fuckin’ punk. Cry me a river, why don’tcha.

No links from me to the FDL sewer, but Donald has ‘em, along with screencaps.

Civil discourse? Here’s all the civil discourse these Red-toothed, America-hating douchebags deserve: fuck every last one of them. In the heart, railroad spike, cayenne pepper in the Vaseline; you know the drill.

Mofo! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

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