24 Minutes To Come Up With 24 Policies That Would Be Good For America

Last night, on the fly, I came up with a little exercise that I, political wonk that I am, thought would be fun.

I decided to give myself 24 minutes to come up with 24 laws/policies/changes that should be put into effect in America on the domestic front. These changes could affect the powers of the Supreme Court, Congress, or the presidency and I decided that political considerations would be treated as irrelevant.

It took about 20 minutes to come up with this list, which IS NOT in the order of importance…

Here we go…

1) Amend the Constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

2) Term limits: Four 2 year terms in the House and two 6 year terms in the Senate.

3) A Balanced Budget Amendment of some sort.

4) The Supreme Court would be banned from considering foreign law to interpret the Constitution.

5) A Constitutional Amendment banning desecration of the American flag.

6) A bill that would build a fence between the US and Mexico, crack down on people employing illegals, prevent all government services from going to illegals, and put an end to dual citizenship.

7) Overturn Roe v. Wade.

8) Institute a flat tax with a minimum level below which nothing needs to be paid.

9) Institute a loser pays system where in most cases, the loser of a lawsuit has to pay the legal fees of the winner

10) Allow any business to fire employees for joining a union if they so choose.

11) All parents would be provided school vouchers that could be used at the public or private school of their choice as long as it met minimal standards.

12) Health Care reform bill which would include, Tort reform, streamlining the regulations that make bringing a new drug to market so slow and expensive, health care savings accounts, and allowing health insurance companies from anywhere in America to compete for business in any state.

13) Drill Anwr.

14) Change the rules so it takes the support of a supermajority in Congress to raise taxes.

15) Support Social Security reform including private accounts, raising the age limit incrementally until it reaches 70 by 2030, permanently tying the age limit to the average lifespan of Americans, & indexing Social Security payments to prices, instead of wages.

16) Completely dump the Medicare Prescription Drug Reform.

17) Declare Affirmative Action to be Unconstitutional.

18) Rewrite Sarbanes-Oxley to make it much less burdensome to businesses.

19) Get rid of the minimum wage entirely.

20) Set up non-partisan commissions in every state to create non-gerrymandered districts.

21) Set up simple and basic campaign finance laws that allow any American to contribute as much as they wish to any candidate or organization, as long as their identities are revealed.

22) Overturn Kelo.

23) Have the Supreme Court correctly interpret the Establishment clause of the First Amendment.

24) Allow organ donations from willing (and deceased) owners to go forward without the consent of family members.

PS: If any bloggers out there come up with their own lists, link back to this post, and let me know about it, I’ll link to it later tonight. Also, I’d be particularly interested in see lists like this from liberals.

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