Backdoor Amnesty

From The Chronicle:

Homeland Security officials misled the public and Congress last year in an effort to downplay a wave of immigration case dismissals in Houston and other cities amid accusations that they had created a “back-door amnesty,” newly released records show.

The secretive review process resulted in the dismissal of hundreds of cases in Houston, most of them involving illegal immigrants who had lived in the United States for years without committing serious crimes.

A string of emails shows the dismissals had the blessings of top attorneys at ICE headquarters in Washington, D.C., last summer and that other ICE legal offices across the country were encouraged to consider measures to better use the agency’s limited resources to target dangerous criminals.

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Read the whole thing.

It’s becoming clear that the Obama administration is determined to do what it wishes, even if it has to mislead the public and dismiss normal procedure, as it did with Obamacare, or if they have to do it in stealth way. Just as Obama going into Libya with no Congressional approval. He simply does what he wishes.

This is why the GOP must take of the illegal immigration issue. Doing nothing allows things like this to occur.

This administration covered up this as well:

The records also document for the first time that the agency quietly rescinded the Houston memo on Aug. 25 ā€“ the day the Houston Chronicle broke the story on the dismissals ā€“ amid allegations from conservatives that the Obama administration had created a stealth amnesty program for illegal immigrants

It’s time that someone reminded Obama how we do things in America. He isn’t King.

I’ve given my opinion on illegal immigration and what should be done about it (basically a guest worker programs like Canada AFTER sealing the border), but I don’t have all the answers. But I do know that as long as Obama is President, he will do what he wants on this issue. If the GOP cannot do something themselves, then we only have ourselves to blame.

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