A 10/11 Attack Or Something Else?

by John Hawkins | October 11, 2006 4:18 pm

So, a small plane has hit a building in New York[1], on October 11th, one month after the 5 year anniversary in New York. Luckily, the damage appears to be very minimal although 2 people have been killed.

First thoughts:

#1) Of course, the first thing they’re saying is that there is no indication of terrorism. Want to know if it’s terrorism or not? Find out if a Muslim was flying the plane. If it was a Muslim, it was terrorism. If it wasn’t a Muslim, it was someone who was suicidal, homicidal, had horrible equipment problems, or had some sort of terrible accident.

#2) I am looking forward to finding the first liberals claiming that Karl Rove and/or George Bush is behind this. That’s just the way that they think.

Update #1: Apparently, New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle[2] was piloting the plane. That’s a heck of a twist to the story, but at least it wasn’t a terrorist attack.

Update #2: Here’s video[3] of the aftermath of the crash. Witnesses say the plane appeared to be out of control which may indicate that there was a malfunction or that Lidle had some sort of medical emergency that was keeping him from properly piloting the plane.

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