A Brief Statement Of Position On Bush’s Warrantless Wiretaps

by John Hawkins | February 8, 2006 10:22 am

I haven’t talked a lot about Bush’s warrantless wiretaps, so I thought I should take a few moments to unequivocably let people know where I stand.

This was a secret program and revealing it to the world helped our enemies. That’s why I believe the people responsible for leaking the details of it to the press deserve to be ferreted out, prosecuted, and sent to jail for a long, long, time in jail.

Furthermore, I believe what Bush did was very sensible, legal, and would like him to continue doing it. Moreover, because I hold that opinion, I see no reason to change the law or hold politically motivated hearings that would likely lead to more classified information being leaked to the press by partisans with axes to grind.

It’s also worth noting that the political grandstanding on this issue, mostly by Democrats, but also by a few Republicans, reveals a fundamental lack of seriousness about defending this country and a ridiculously skewed sense of priorities.

Summing it all up: without question, we should continue to spy on conversations between terrorists and people in this country. Kudos to President Bush for having the common sense to take very reasonable measures to stop terrorist attacks in this country, whether his detractors like it or not.

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