A Cold Wind Is Sweeping This Land

by Kathleen McKinley | January 12, 2010 12:01 pm

A Dec. 26th New York Times article erroneously reported that the Catholic Health Association and the U.S, Conference of Bishops were not agreeing or working together for health reform legislation that would not include abortion funding.

Since Democrat Sen. Nelson made abortion an issue in the legislation, and then was bought off, the media have ignored it. The perception they want out there is that the abortion language is such that satisfies those who don’t wish for the taxpayer to fund abortions. That is a lie.

Why is the CHA (the Catholic Health Association) important? They represent more than 600 Catholic hospitals in the U.S. The Bishops and the CHA have made clear that the language in the present bill does not fully protect “the life, dignity, consciences and health of all.”

The Bishops have actually been working with members of conference on this (I would really like to know which members) and the USCCB have stated, “We regret to say that in all the areas of our moral concern, the Senate health care reform bill is deficient.”

They have emphasized that the Senate bill falls short of the House’s standard, and violates a long standing precedent in all other federal health programs. The Senate bill would require purchasers of some health insurance plans “to pay for other people’s abortions in a very direct and explicit way. There is no provision for individuals to opt out of this abortion payment to federally subsidized plans, so people will be required by law to pay for other people’s abortions.”

The American people are completely against this. Even most of those who are pro-choice do not want it to be a part of a health bill, nor do they want to pay for other people’s abortions.

The bottom line for the Bishops and the CHA is that they will oppose the bill until it complies with the long standing Hyde amendment that prohibits federal funding of abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or threat to the woman’s life.

At this point, that hasn’t happened.

What will the more than 600 Catholic hospitals do if they are required to adhere to the standards of the new health care bill if it passes? It will be a moral quagmire. It will be chaos and lawsuits. But most of all it will mean that these hospitals will stop operating and serving the health needs of so many.

This kind of thing isn’t new since Obama became President. The Archdiocese of Washington warned the District of Columbia that its Catholic Charities would cease to provide long-standing social services to area residents if same-sex marriage became legal in D.C. requiring the Catholic Church/Charities to adhere to the same sex marriage requirements. Catholic Charities serves nearly 70,000 of the city’s needy. This law forces Catholic Charities to go against their religious beliefs. They passed it anyway.

in Massachusetts, the Catholic Charities no longer facilitates adoptions because same-sex couples cannot be barred from adopting.: 

Does anyone see the chilling effect of all this? The Democrats are determined to undermine traditional religious beliefs, even at the expense of the poor. They don’t care if the Catholic Church sees abortion as a grave sin, and cannot and will not participate in it even in a non direct way. They are determined that we all adhere to THEIR beliefs. Thousands of years of tradition, faith, and belief are brushed aside. In other words, if you don’t agree with them, too bad. They will make law that will require it. If that means that social services that have long served the poor ceases to be, that is too bad. If that means that providing adoption services ceases to be, that is too bad.

This is part of a larger desire of Democrats to push religion out of the public square and require us to adhere to their standards and beliefs, even if it means that the poor suffers. They do not want religious institutions to provide services unless they are willing to reject their own religious beliefs and adopt the liberal views.

That is simply chilling.

In our country we have a long history of providing religious exemptions in law. The Democrats are not chipping away at this, they are using a machete.

If you are not Catholic or not religious, don’t think this shouldn’t bother you. It is you that will not have that excellent Catholic hospital in your city when you need it. And just at a time when more people will be provided care. More than that, it may be your beliefs that are trampled upon next.

A cold wind is sweeping this land.

The scary thing is that the people are paying attention. We are letting Washington know how unhappy we are. We are protesting and crying out. But they are completely ignoring us.

A government of the people? This government isn’t even listening to the people.

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