A Compelling Reason To Go To The Chiropractor

by Melissa Clouthier | September 5, 2008 6:27 pm

This research[1] (granted, it’s a small study) shared via Instapundit[2]:

The results showed that the appropriately trained sexologists were able to correctly infer vaginal orgasm through watching the way the women walked over 80 percent of the time. Further analysis revealed that the sum of stride length and vertebral rotation was greater for the vaginally orgasmic women. “This could reflect the free, unblocked energetic flow from the legs through the pelvis to the spine,” the authors note.

Keep that lumbar spine limber, folks. It could have serious implications. And just as an aside, I have noticed that guys with prostate problems have restricted gaits, as well. The nerves that feed the pelvic musculoskeletal system feed the reproductive system, the musculoskeletal system supports the reproductive system. It’s all connected. Conversely, sex inhibits pain and relaxes the body including the pelvis.

Generally, being a tight-a** isn’t good for your health or your sex life. Of course, maybe it’s genetic[3]. But that idea is just plain defeating. So, you have a restricted gait, you were born that way? And that indicates a genetic inability to orgasm? Now, that idea might get some money funneling into genetic research pronto. In addition, I can see the implications for embryonic selection based on vitally important genetic disorders like anorgasmia.

Or, you could go to a chiropractor and get that restricted gait corrected.

Cross-posted at MelissaClouthier.com[4]. Dr. Melissa is a chiropractor and is in no way making any health recommendations or promises of cures.

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