A Conservababe Calender

by John Hawkins | January 24, 2006 5:53 am

Over at the Young America’s Foundation[1], they’re selling Ann Coulter posters:

That’s not just a splendid picture, it’s a splendid idea — except — they’re thinking too small. What we actually need is a — let’s call it a Conservababe calender. May I make some suggestions? Why, of course I can (and yes, each link goes to a pic)!

January: The Bush Twins[2]
February: Pam from Atlas Shrugs[3]
March: Laura Ingraham[4]
April: Moxie[5]
May: Dr. Helen[6]
June: Tammy Bruce[7]
July: Michelle Malkin[8]
August: Namrata Singh Gujral[9]
September: Emma Caufield[10]
October: Laurie Dhue[11]
November: Ann Coulter[12]
December: Erika Harold[13]

Now that’s a calender any Republican man would be proud to have on his wall!

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