A Daily Kos Double Feature: The Agony Of Obama’s Defeat In Pennsylvania

by John Hawkins | April 23, 2008 6:19 am

Over at the Daily Kos, the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Hillary’s victory in Pennsylvania have been truly glorious to behold. Here are two of my faves…

The first was a variation of a post that you will see many times between now and the election. If America doesn’t elect Obama, apparently black Americans will go crazy![1]

Any Obama Loss Will Put Farrakhan In Play by spearhead

What the right-wing pundits and the Clintoneske politicos seem not to have considered:

You all know what’s going to happen in the African-American community if Barack Obama loses either the nomination or the race for the Presidency, yes?

Namely this:

Louis Farrakhan is going to be popular as never before in the African-American community and will become a player of unprecedented proportions.

With some ninety percent of Black Americans supporting Obama does anyone think that the Black community is going to blame Barack Obama for a loss?

Barack Obama is Black America’s reconciliation candidate.

What an Obama loss will make clear to Black folks is that Clinton or McCain won due to the racist garbage they threw at Obama.

We’re going to have a Black population that voted as a block for a black candidate who was conciliatory to white Americans without looking like an Uncle Tom. Yet still…

The message white America will deliver to Black America is that they are not interested in reconciliation.

…Twelve percent of America under the influence of Louis Farrakhan.

Game Over.

I’m impressed that he managed to make it through the post without writing “no justice, no peace” or threatening that America’s cities will burn if Obama doesn’t win — but, give them time. The Left will eventually get around to that, especially if it looks like Obama won’t win.

Now, here’s the other post[2] that stuck out because it’s representative of the sort of bloodletting that has become so common on the Left these days,

What the f**k is wrong with you morons? by demokerryat

I mean seriously. Who the F**K is voting for Hilary at this point? Are you too stupid to breathe? At this point there are only 2 possible reasons for voting for Hillary:

1. I am a total f-ing moron and I somehow think Hillary can win without completely destroying the Democratic party

2. I am a republican

Thats it. No other serious possibilities

Hillary just won Pennsylvania with 55% of the vote and according to the Kos kids, all the Democrats that voted for her were “total f-ing moron(s)” that are “too stupid to breathe.”

I love it! You Kossacks just keep doing what you’re doing…

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