A Few Nuggets Of Good News From Last Night

by John Hawkins | November 8, 2006 9:28 am

There was precious little good news last night for Republicans, but there are a few pieces of silver lining shining out through the clouds:

— The netroots favorite candidate, Ned Lamont, lost to Joe Lieberman in what could fairly be called a referendum on the war in Iraq.

— Lincoln Chafee lost and other than John McCain, there was no Republican in the Senate who more richly deserved to be sent packing.

— Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who’s one of my favorite Republicans out West, looks like he’s going to just barely eke out a victory. At the moment, CNN[1] shows him up by almost 14,000 votes with 99% of the precincts counted.

— Sarah Palin, who has sort of a hot librarian look,[2] is a huge improvement in almost every way over Frank Murkowski (R), whom she replaced.

— On the ballot measures[3], Arizona approved English as a national language, Michigan prohibited Affirmative Action. In Colorado they voted against legalizing domestic partnership and also in Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin, they banned same sex marriage.

— Because of the loss last night, there are already some conservative reformers like Mike Pence and John Shadegg jockeying to takeover leadership positions in the House[4] (Although I don’t think it would be a good thing for Pence to acquire more power unless he pledges to abandon his amnesty plan).

Polipundit[5] has a similar post up.

Correction: In the original draft of this post I incorrectly stated that Oregon and California passed parental notification laws. Perhaps that was because I was looking at old polling date or because I just made a mistake, but either way, both Oregon and California rejected parental notification laws.

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