A few words written on your palm is exactly the same thing as complete dependency on professionally-written speeches, laid out for you on high-tech teleprompters.

by TrogloPundit | February 7, 2010 5:19 pm

UPDATE – I posted this without looking, and so didn’t notice Warner’s post[1] on the same subject, posted about ninety minutes before mine. Oops.


Andrew Sullivan, writing about Sarah Palin’s speech at that big Tea Party thingie this weekend:[2]

I was too busy tapping away at my laptop to notice this little high-school trick. Having mocked president Obama for using a TelePrompter – not long after he made mincemeat of Republicans with no such TelePrompter at their retreat – she had to scribble down her priorities as president on her palm for the truly tough-as-nails Q and A she had to endure for ten minutes or so last night.

He actually titles the piece “Palin’s Cheat Sheet.” Let’s take a closer look:


Lifted that pick from Sullivan’s site. Here’s one from HuffPo:[4]


Now, let’s compare[6]:


Yeah, it’s exactly the same thing.

Via Memeorandum[8].

One more thing: At least Palin pronounced all the words right.[9]

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