A Hurricane Ophelia Heads Up

by John Hawkins | September 12, 2005 4:12 am

Currently, hurricane Ophelia is hovering off the NC/SC Coast[1].

While the path the hurricane is going to take is uncertain, it looks as if it’s either going to hit the area I live in or maybe, just maybe, it’s going to make landfall to our north.

In any case, I am planning to hang around for this hurricane, (My current policy is to flee only if it’s a 3 or greater), but I did want you to know that depending on how things work out, it could affect updates for the page. Obviously if I have no power or no internet connection, I can’t post. So, if you don’t see any posts after the hurricane hits late Tuesday or Wednesday morning, that’ll be why.

However, don’t get too worried. Although I could always end up with a tree on the roof, I’m not in an area that floods and I do have a very basic hurricane preparedness plan.

Hawkins Hurricane Rule #1) Basic survival supplies? Check!

I do need to pick up some batteries for the radio today so I can flip between Rush Limbaugh and storm news if the power is knocked out. Also, I’ll grab some cash in case the ATM machines are out and the bathtub will be filled with water, mainly so I can guarantee there will be enough water in the toilet to prevent any potential “poopage back-ups.”

Hawkins Hurricane Rule #2) When I leave, the dog leaves with me.

Hawkins Hurricane Rule #3) Chateau de Hawkins isn’t going to be looted, at least while I’m here, because I have a very harsh and yet also very fair plan for dealing with potential looters. Draw your own conclusions.

Unfortunately, I did pull a “New Orleans” in at least one way: I did not plan ahead to get plywood for the windows. I could try to put it together tomorrow, but plywood would probably be in short supply and I’m a klutz with handyman work who would need more than a day to pre-plan boarding up my windows, especially the oddly shaped ones. So, let it be said before the disaster hits, if a garbage can gets blown through the window, I don’t blame FEMA. (*** Incidentally, anyone know anything about Plyox Hurricane Window Clips[2]? Do they work? If so, I may use them in the future. ***)

In the end, maybe we’ll all get lucky and Ophelia will head out to sea and miss the coast. That would certainly be good news.

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  2. Plyox Hurricane Window Clips: http://www.plylox.com/

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