A List of Things About Obama That Are Not Rumor

by John Stephenson | June 7, 2008 12:41 pm

His wife going off on a rant about how evil “whitey” is, and conspiracies that he is a covert Muslim trying to infiltrate our democracy are nothing more than rumors…at least at this point. However, there are plenty of things the media don’t put enough focus on that are true about the Obamas. Instead they would rather focus on things like his playful fist-bump.[1] They have to keep their priorities on the important issues.

His connection and close friendship with a corrupt crook and convicted felon.[2]
Obama supports sex education for Kindergarten![3]
Obama sought the endorsement of the Marxist Party in 1996![4]
Obama’s embracement of appeasement.[5]
Obama has a huge anti-gun record.[6]
Obama may not be a Muslim, but every association with religion he has made seems to be outrageously radical![7]
Obama has a very bad habit of re-writing history.[8]
Obama refuses to cut his friendship with unrepentant anti-American terrorists![9]
A history of terrorist fundraisers for Obama.[10]
Obama’s ties to Kenya and his cousin Odinga.[11]
Obama has many, many radical friends![12]
Many Obama lies the media will ignore.[13]
He ran on the socialist, pro-PLO party.[14]
He has a list of anti-Israel advisors.[15]
His disturbing statement that young people having babies instead of abortions is punishment.[16]
His condescending, elitist snobbery towards gun owners and the religious.[17]
His disrespect and refusal to salute the American flag.[18]
His plan to disarm America[19] and dismantle our nuclear arsenal.[20]

Please add anything I left out into the comments.

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