A Little Stocking Stuffer For

A Little Stocking Stuffer For The Kids: Are you looking for a great gift for the kids this Christmas? Well it’s your lucky day because Something Awful has found a game for the whole family…assuming you mean the Manson family. Yes, if you’ve been looking for a game that is centered around sadistic rapes then “The Maid’s Story” is right up your alley. How do you play? You start with 3 maids to “train” and I’ll let SA take it from there…

“The three girls each start with a percentage score of 1 and you have to work training them (read: molesting and raping them) in an effort to raise the percentage score to 100%. Oddly enough the girls also have a meter which I believe symbolizes how much they like you. By praising them throughout the day or buying them gifts like a box of chocolates you can easily offset the bad feelings over the previous night’s violent sexual assault and demeaning insults. You don’t have to though since they’ll continue to submit to your evil advances whether or not you try to “make it up to them”.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse…

“The Maid’s Story” does not feature particularly perverse sex acts when compared to the majority of other Hentai games, yet I find it to be probably the most repugnant of any I’ve played. This stems from the frequency and level of casual abuse in the game, which ranges from calling the maids stupid and threatening them with violence to raping them and then mocking how inadequately they performed during the rape. What makes it worse is the fact that it actually achieves a positive affect with the maids in that the more you abuse them the better they get work done or the more skilled they become in sex acts.”

The most disturbing thing about this game is that it’s mixing violent and depraved sexual imagery with an easily accessible PC game that would appeal to kids. After 5 minutes of searching on Google I had the name of the main file name for this game and I was able to find it on Imesh and Kazaa. So if your kid is internet savvy he could be playing this game 10 minutes after finding out about it’s existence.

If you’re a parent you better understand that your kids have access to games like this and although “The Maid’s Story” may be one of the sicker games out there, it’s by no means unique. If you don’t supervise what your kids are doing on the net, don’t be surprised if they end playing games just like this one.

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