A Message To A Few Conservatives Out There: Don’t Forget Whose Side You’re On

As anyone who regularly reads Right Wing News can tell you, I’ve never had any problem with disagreeing with other conservatives or taking semi-regular shots at Republican politicians. I’ve feuded with Jerome Corsi over the nutty North American Union Conspiracy, backed conservatives in primary challenges against RINOs, wrote scathing attacks on the two candidates who are polling the best for the presidency, and have often criticized Bush and Republicans in Congress.

In fact, I even put together a column for the second year in a row called, The 20 Most Annoying People on the Right.

Now, let me tell you a little story about that column, which came out in January of this year. The column got a lot of attention after it came out and one of the people that read it was a book publisher. That publisher wrote me and wanted to cut a deal with me to write a book about the “Most Annoying People on the Right.”

Of course, I’d very much like to get a book published and I think it’s likely that book would have done really well. After all, there’s nothing the left in general, and the mainstream media in particular, love more than a conservative bashing other conservatives.

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However, I turned the publisher down and tried to pitch some other ideas that I had, none of which they were interested in. Why did I turn them down? Because I don’t want to be a conservative who is primarily known for attacking other conservatives.

There are too many of those people around as is and quite frankly, I’m sick of them. I’m sick of reading their columns, I’m sick of getting their emails, and I’m sick of reading their blogs.

I’m going to be nice and not drop any names, but let me tell you that there is a fairly well known group blog that I used to enjoy quite a bit that I find almost unreadable of late because one of their most prolific writers does nothing but attack Bush and the GOP in every post. I was taking a look at their blog today and it reminded of the bleeping Daily Kos.

There’s another couple of people who send me emails 3 or 4 times a week promoting whatever their latest whinefest is about the GOP. I almost never link them and I’m tired of even reading their garbage.

The people like that, who spent all of 2006 complaining about the GOP? Thanks a lot, guys, because now we have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid running things on Capitol Hill. That pork that made you mad? There is more of it than ever now. The illegal immigration situation? We’re now in worse shape than we were last year with the Democrats running the show. The war? We’re making excellent progress in Iraq right now and the Democrats are using their new found power to do everything they can to prevent a victory.

Let me also add that the Republicans have improved significantly although they are far short of perfect. They do have new leadership in Congress. They have gotten more serious about pork. They are getting more pugnacious and serious about conservative principles, even if they aren’t where we’d like them to be yet.

Still, from some of these people who claim to be conservatives, all you hear is wah, wah, wah about anything and everything related to conservatism and the Republican Party. Do they just enjoy kvetching and whinging that much? Are they so foolish as to not realize the damage that the Democrats can do to this country when they’re in power?

Some criticism is fine, but some of these people have gone so far overboard that they don’t seem to remember what side they’re on or what they’re even trying to achieve by ceaselessly complaining about their ideological allies. If you want to be a liberal, then admit it. If you want to be a conservative, then at some point, you better figure out that you’re not going to get everything you want in life and that non-stop nagging gets on everyone’s nerves.

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