A Mini-Interview With Henry Copeland From Blogads

by John Hawkins | March 17, 2005 3:39 am

Before Blogads[1] hit the scene, nobody in the blogosphere was making any money selling advertising. But now, thanks to Henry Copeland and Blogads, there are a number of bloggers (myself included) making decent money[2] blogging.

So, I was happy to get a chance to do a mini-interview with Henry about advertising in the blogopshere and where it’s going. You can read what Henry had to say by clicking here[3].

  1. Blogads: http://www.blogads.com/
  2. decent money: https://rightwingnews.com/archives/week_2005_01_23.PHP#003376
  3. here: https://rightwingnews.com/interviews/copeland.php

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