A Short Democratic Debate Round-Up

When you have 4 candidates on the stage, all of whom essentially have almost exactly the same position on every issue, it makes for a debate that sounds about like this exchange from Futurama,

John Jackson: “It’s time someone had the courage to stand up and say: I’m against those things that everybody hates.”
Jack Johnson: “Now, I respect my opponent. I think he’s a good man. But quite frankly, I agree with everything he just said.”
John Jackson: “I say your three cent titanium tax goes too far.”
Jack Johnson: “And I say your three cent titanium tax doesn’t go too far enough.”

Dull, dull debate.

4) Bill Richardson (Loser): A lot of people thought this guy was the “moderate” candidate going in, but he sounded as radical as Dennis Kucinich on foreign policy tonight. He also looked constipated and slightly ill. He stood out for those reasons and came in the bottom spot between the three other candidates.

3) John Edwards: He finished 2nd in Iowa, he looks destined to finish in 3rd in NH and at that point, he might as well just drop out, because he’s done. Nothing he said tonight is probably going to change where he’s destined to finish, because he was very Plain Jane, thus he finishes in the 3 slot.

2) Hillary Clinton: I went back and forth between sticking her in the #1 or #2 slot because she sounded better than Obama on foreign policy and came across as genuinely warm and natural a few times (I wonder who taught her how to do that?), but she also came across as angry and shrill at times. Angry and shrill beat out warm and authentic. So, #2 it is for Hillary.

1) Barack Obama (Winner): You could feel a change in the air tonight from the previous debates. This time Obama looked like he was in the catbird’s seat and Hillary was the challenger trying to score points against the front runner.

Did Obama come across as well as he has in previous debates? No. Did he say anything profound? No. But, he was likable, friendly, and the guy has a great voice. It almost makes you wonder if the “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” guy could pull 15% in a primary based on how he sounded.

Update #1: Lorie Byrd on Obama’s claim that the Democratic Congress deserved credit for the surge’s success.

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