A Short Review Of Bush’s Speech

by John Hawkins | September 6, 2006 2:20 pm

Bush went out and clearly explained how valuable our interrogation of terrorists has been by showing information gotten from terrorist A, helped lead to the capture of terrorist B, who gave us info that led to the capture of terrorist C.

Then, he demanded Congress step up, authorize military tribunals and clearly tell our soldiers what they can and can’t do (which is something Congress was too cowardly to do during the “torture” debate). Bush said this is priority one for Congress for the rest of the year and he also said we could expect trials for these big shot terrorists once Congress gets the job done.

All in all, it was a good speech on an important topic and Bush was wise to bring it up, not just because it’s good policy, but because it’s good politics. If the Democrats want to cry tears for how tough the terrorists will have it when they go on trial, let them, but it’ll just emphasize what a bunch of weaklings they are right before the elections.

This is a good move by Bush and every Republican should back him to the hilt on it.

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