A Special Message From Chris Rock To The Students At UCLA

by John Hawkins | November 17, 2006 10:21 am

As you may have heard, a student at UCLA got tasered 4 times for resisting the campus police and there’s video:

The video cuts in late, features lots of screaming, and this kid yelling about the Patriot Act after being tased, which, I found to be particularly hilarious. You can read all about it here[1] — and there are some ambiguous areas. For example, was the kid encouraging other people to step in and attack the police or not? Was he refusing the order of the police to stand up or was he unable to stand up after being tased?

However, as with almost every case of this sort, it all started out with some punk with an attitude problem refusing to follow the orders of the police. And as per usual when that’s the case, I side with the cops. You tell a cop, “no,” when he asks you to do something or you do something that the cop finds threatening and in my book, you’re just asking to get hurt.

So, as a public service to the students at UCLA, here’s a very funny, yet very handy video done by Chris Rock called, “how to not get ur *ss kicked by the police.” Do keep in mind that there’s lots of bad language and it’s not perfectly applicable to getting into a brouhaha with campus police in a computer room:

Still, if you follow the instructions in this video you’re not going to have to worry about ending up on YouTube after getting tased 4 times for refusing to take orders from campus police.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin[2] for the story.

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